The value of optics

Optical principles and techniques are offering a wealth of possibilities and solutions for a measuring challenge or product. Today’s market demands cheaper, more compact products and solutions with more speed, higher resolutions and sensitivity, more power with preferably less power consumption. Applying optics offers a versatile and contactless opportunity to meet those challenges.



The true value of optics is captured when bringing the criteria, possibilities and techniques seamlessly together. Creating a:

Problem-solution fit

Product-market fit

Customer fit


3 fundamentals to unleash the true value of custom optics solutions

The cornerstone of NTS Optel Value Framework approach compromises 3 key fundamentals to quickly transform the endless possibilities into working opto-mechatronic solutions and test and measuring solutions.

Our team DNA and skills: a unique combination that unlocks the true value potential of optics

Our curiosity shapes a value-added dialog, where questions meet questions to find the real solution. Creativity is the foundation of our strengths: the embedded multidisciplinary skills and knowledge of each specialist. Craftsmanship is our lifeline. Combining optics, mechanics, electronics, and software with deep manufacturing capabilities realizing the true value of optics.

Customer focus: act on what our customers consider most important

Working from idea to delivery of a best fit testing and measuring solution and/or opto-mechatronic systems with a seamless customer experience is what gets us really excited. Life and act upon the most important value drivers for our customers:

  • Speed: ensure fast time to market
  • Transparency: open communication and clear processes
  • Assurance: high quality product and on time delivery

Create an optimal FIT to meet challenging market demands

Our key to success is the ability to drive a process where solutions, skills, techniques, components, products and sourcing are brought together in the optimal way to deliver a testing and measuring solution and/or opto-mechatronic system that ensures our customers can meet their customer expectations and thrive.


Capture the true value of optics with our unique NTS Optel Value Framework approach.

Move seamlessly and quickly from initial thought to high quality opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions.
The Value Framework covers 4 phases to help you from idea to a manufactured test -and measurement application or opto-mechatronic module or system.