NTS Optel Value Framework - Phase 4

Manufacturing and
Life Cycle Management


Plan – source – make – deliver, seamlessly and on time.

Whether you decide to manufacture in-house or outsource your product to a specialized manufacturer, like NTS Optel, you want to ensure commitment to owning your problems and make use of their ability to creatively solve them. The end product delivery and support should fit seamlessly in your supply chain to meet your customer’s deadlines. 


Partnerships as the basis for growth

NTS Optel is growing with our customers and we love to see our customers growing with us. We believe in long term partnerships. Sharing successes, lesson’s learned and continuously improve to deliver high quality opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions that add value. Not only to our customers, but to their customers as well.



Build on the past. Future fast forward 

With more than 25 years manufacturing experience of opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions, a wealth of manufacturing, components and craftsmanship knowledge has been gathered. For many clients we have been the partner of choice for many years and still are. With growth, changing market dynamics and new technologies available NTS Optel is getting a brand new development and manufacturing center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. It sets us up for the future, delivering the future of opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions. The new building should be ready in April 2020. 



A glimpse of NTS Nijmegen – the future of custom optics

Design, development and manufacturing under one roof:

  • Continuous learning center: ensures optimal knowledge transfer
  • Development and manufacturing teams mixed offices: short communication lines
  • State of the art optical lab of 150m2
  • From one current cleanroom ISO 6,  12m2  to 2 new cleanrooms: ISO 6 65m2 and ISO 7 170m2
  • One large assembly room / test- and calibration room: 200m2 

We strongly believe that NTS Nijmegen offers a healthy and open environment, where smart manufacturing practices are integrated and creativity and craftsmanship can flourish. An unique working space for our employees, our partners and customers to thrive. Unlocking the true value of optics!


Move seamlessly and quickly from initial thought to high quality opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions


Benefit from the NTS Optel Value Framework

1 Apply Principles & Techniques

  • Plan, source, make, deliver, return, enable
  • Service and support
  • Traceability
  • Product improvement
  • Life Cycle Management

2 Clear Process & Structure

3 Deliverables & Best practices

  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Traceability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Provide service and support (SLA)
  • Obsolescence handling
  • Arrange Life Cycle Management


Leverage our manufacturing expertise, capabilities and infrastructure. Learn more about our new development and manufacturing center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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