NTS Optel Value Framework - Phase 3

From product to manufacturing


Optimally gearing up for competitive manufacturing and systems assembly

Building and manufacturing a product that we have developed gives us the ultimate satisfaction. Then our customers really experience our knowledge and skills of manufacturability. A craft that leads to speed, assurance and transparency for our customers throughout the entire process.



Manufacturability as the accelerator

Adding the manufacturability capability in the design and development process enables us to speed up the process of industrialization. To guarantee a smooth alpha and volume production NTS Optel drives a process whereby potential risks and bottlenecks are identified and resolved to:

  • Ensure efficient production layouts
  • Define tools required
  • Add tracking and tracing capabilities
  • Embed required quality checks
  • Organize an efficient supply chain



Fit for purpose mix of manufacturing capabilities, infrastructure and operations management

NTS Optel’s long track record in manufacturing opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions is unparalleled. Our experiences range from one-offs, alpha production to volume production. The production facilities and resources have been proven to be ideally suited to handle a wide variety of products and systems. Whether it is an opto-mechatronic system or module that needs to fit perfectly into your machine, or an optical measurement & testing product that you will market yourself, the manufacturing capabilities, infrastructure and management are fit for purpose at all times.


Side-by-side operation of development and production: the linking pin for cost effective-, on-time-, high quality production


Benefit from the NTS Optel Value Framework

1 Apply Principles & Techniques

  • In-house manufacturing
  • Small- and large-scale production
  • Supply chain management
  • Production tooling
  • Qualification tooling

2 Clear Process & Structure

3 Deliverables & Best practices

  • Establish supply chain
  • Create production environment
  • Production tooling
  • Test and quality assurance
  • Test and qualification tooling
  • Alpha series and volume production


Get prepared for small or large series production

Designs should facilitate easy and accurate assembly and allow for easy servicing and calibration. Equipment and components are sensitive, therefore you need knowledge of manufacturing and assembly and full tracking of products. Side-by-side operation of development and production ensures seamless communication and operational effectiveness and efficiency. Leverage our manufacturing expertise, capabilities and infrastructure. Learn more about our new development and manufacturing center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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