NTS Optel Value Framework - Phase 2

From concept design
to product


Going beyond Zemax: Bringing optics, mechanics, electronics and software together in an optimal way.



Curiosity, creativity and craftsmanship are adding incremental value

In this phase the design and prototype leads to the final opto-mechatronic system or test- and measurement solution. In this phase our curiosity, creativity and craftsmanship is adding incremental value to come to a final product or solution.

The art of delivering a successful end product is being fueled by our deep knowledge of optics, components and system integration practices. Solution architects and engineers are bringing optics, mechanics, electronics and software together in an optimal way.


One-offs or series products?
That's the question

The main question is whether your requirement is an one-off product or a series product. In case of a series product the biggest challenge is designing and choosing the components to build an opto-mechatronic system or test- and measurement solution that fits seamlessly within the framework of manufacturability.

Leverage the key enablers to ensure a high quality end product, against competitive prices and speed up the time to market:

  • Sharp eye on manufacturability
  • Clear project management and open communication
  • Dedicated multi-disciplinary team

Move seamlessly and quickly from initial thought to high quality opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions


Benefit from the NTS Optel Value Framework

1 Apply Principles & Techniques

  • Optics raytracing
  • Tolerancing design
  • Mechanical design (DfX)
  • Digital & analog electronics
  • Embedded software
  • Processing & HMI software

2 Clear Process & Structure

3 Deliverables & Best practices

  • Optimize optical design
  • Smart mechanical design
  • Implement software
  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Create cost monitor
  • Prototyping
  • Verify and validate product
  • Apply appropriate (CE-)labeling
  • Create technical documentation


Build a working prototype faster

Go from thinking to craftsmanship integration, with tools and materials that really matter. Know where to get them quickly, how to combine them and turn them into a piece of art that validates feasibility of possible solutions. Get transparency of the potential risks and dependencies at hand, simultaneously it enables you to demonstrate the physical proof of concept and increase confidence ease within your organization.


Tie it all together to final product

Knowing the loose ends, get the last minute design changes fixed, frozen, built and tested. Keeping optics, mechanics, electronics and software knowledge together has been proven to deliver fast and resilient opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions.

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