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Designing and producing a customized navigation camera for desktop scanning electron microscopes to empower scientists to solve complex analytical challenges.

Application | Customized built-in navigation camera for desktop scanning electron microscopes
Market segment | Life sciences & Analytical
Business activities | Product design, prototype, series manufacturing and assembly




Our customer asked NTS Optel to design a built-in, customized camera for its new generation of desktop scanning electron microscopes. The desktop SEM is developed to empower scientists to solve complex analytical challenges in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental and industrial research, as well as the clinical laboratory. 


Application context

The microscope has a very large sample chamber. Our customer wanted the user to be capable of overviewing the entire sample at first with the Navcam and then zoom into parts of it with the SEM. The SEM is an absolute high-quality product, so the camera needed to be of excellent quality as well.  This product is capable of acquiring high resolution SEM images of samples with dimensions up to 100mm x 100mm. The camera – called Navcam – needed to enable easy navigation of the sample within the microscope.



Used techniques

The Navcam is a typical example of a module and product that combines all of NTS Optel’s competences. It contains the design and development of optics, electronics, mechanics and the software that controls the camera. But it also contains many of NTS’s global competences, since the Navcam – apart from the development and engineering process – also has mechatronic and sheet metal components, which are produced by NTS and assembled in the cleanroom at NTS Optel in The Netherlands.



Download our whitepaper about the Navcam


In this whitepaper, you will find the following topics:

  • Theo Scholten, Systems Integration and Solution Architect at NTS Optel, gives some technnological insights in the design, development and production of the Navcam.
  • The technological challenges which had to be faced and how they have been resolved in order to create the optimal solution for our customer.
  • A case description of the custom built-in navigation camera.


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