What we do

NTS Optel’s unique combination of optics, software, electronics and mechanical expertise set helps OEM’s in the Semiconductor, Analytical & Lifesciences sectors that want to design, develop, manufacture customized high precision end-to-end optical measurement and testing solutions and opto-mechatronic modules at speed.

We do this by unlocking the engineering creativity of our multidisciplinary team and fit for purpose project processes to ensure resilient best fit optical measurement and testing solutions and opto-mechatronic modules for customers. This leads to a faster time-to-market and continuous on time delivery for our customers.

What drives and differentiates us

Unlocking the true value of Optics for our customers.

Our curiosity shapes a value added dialog, where questions meet questions to find the real solution. Creativity is the foundation of our strengths: the embedded the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge of each specialist. Craftsmanship is our lifeline. Bringing optics, mechanics, electronics, and software together realizing the true value of optics. Working from idea to delivery of a best fit testing and measuring solution and/or opto-mechatronic systems with a seamless customer experience is what gets us really excited.

Being a part of NTS

NTS Optel is a part of NTS. NTS develops, produces, assembles and tests complex (opto-)mechatronic systems and mechanical modules, which accelerate her customers’ innovations and hence contributes to a more sustainable, healthy and future-proof world.

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