“Move seamlessly and quickly from initial thought to high quality opto-mechatronic systems and optical measurement & testing solutions”

How can we help you to reduce your time to market?


Challenging your challenge, idea or draft concept

Unleash our curiosity, creativity and craftsmanship. A 1,5 hours sparring session helps you to really understand the question behind the question. It provides you with an initial solution concept that ensures value for further exploration.


Add creativity and expertise to get a best fit design

Rapidly balancing investment and requirements for a best fit design. Speed up your process by utilizing our creativity and multidisciplinary skills in optics, software, electronics, mechanics and deep manufacturability craftsmanship.


Build a working prototype faster

Go from thinking to craftsmanship integration, with tools and materials that really matter. Know where to get them quickly, how to combine them and turn them into a piece of art that validates feasibility of possible solutions.


Tie it all together to final product

Knowing the loose ends, get the last minute design changes fixed, frozen, built and tested. Keeping optics, mechanics, electronics and software knowledge together has been proven to deliver fast and resilient optical measurement and testing solutions. 


Prepare for small or large series production

Designs should facilitate easy and accurate assembly and allow for easy servicing and calibration. Equipment and components are sensitive, therefore you need knowledge of manufacturing and assembly and full tracking of products. Side-by-side operation of development and production ensures seamless communication and operational effectiveness and efficiency.



Make – plan – source – deliver, seamlessly and on time. Whether you decide to manufacture in-house or outsource your product  to a specialized manufacturer you want the ensure commitment to owning your problems and make use of our ability to creatively solve them. The end product delivery and support should fit seamlessly in your supply chain to meet your customer’s deadlines. 


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"Take advantage of our experience and creativity to sharpen your initial idea or solution concept. I am keen to learn more about the challenges you’re having.  I am happy to help."

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